Backyard Chickens

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Not sure how to have chickens in your backyard? Having chickens in backyard is beginning to become more and more normal now daily. I see them all the time in my town which was one reason I decided to give it a go. So do you have a particular reason as to why you want to have chicken in you backyard? Most people who I talk to want them to have organic and free range chicken eggs and they like to raise chickens. Other I know raised them as pets and some use them as a meat supply. Whatever your reasons are, I will attempt and help you raise and take care of backyard chickens.

How to Get Chickens in Your Backyard

Okay, since you’re wondering how to have cows, I am gonna assume you do not know that raising chickens can actually be illegal if you are in certain towns. So check these out first before you proceed to anything else. You don’t want to get fined for having chicken in your backyard.

The Way to Have Baby Chicks in Your Backyard

If you plan on raising baby chicks you can actually order them in the mail for under a $1 each. They are really inexpensive. When they arrive just make sure they stay warm inside a brooding pen, which is basically a smaller chicken coop. When first beginning turn the temperature in 95 degree F and you should then reduce it by 5 degrees each week until it is just like ambient temperature.

The Way to have Chickens in Your backyard and How to Safeguard them – Adult

If you are thinking about having adult chickens you’re going to need to protect them from getting attacked by building them a coop or purchasing one that is already made. You will save money by letting the sun heat up the coop instead of using electric lighting. So be sure construct a top quality coop or buy one.

Can I Prefer, A Pre-Built Coop or one I built my self?

In my personally opinion, if I just have a few chickens, I love to build a chicken coop by myself. why? Mainly because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and I enjoy building things. I enjoy being able to personalize the coops in the why I want them built. This isn’t for everybody though, If you do not like building things and not really good with instrument I would recommend purchasing a pre-assembled coop.

I hope that you understand a bit more on how to have chickens in your backyard. The first thing is to see if you are even allowed, figure out whether you want chicks or adults, and purchase or build a chicken coop.

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