Scent of a Woman

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If I recall Al Pacino makes a remark that I wish I had a woman in bed and got up in the morning with her odor pervading the bed. Does odor have a meaning so far as sex is concerned? More so for a man, the smell of a woman could be intoxicating.

The theory of odor or to utilize the scientific terminology pheromone is nothing new. Essentially, it’s a chemical substance secreted by certain animals like insects that often acts as an attraction for the opposite sex.

Scientists are not that sure but some people do believe it has a bearing on a connection. It’s not an outlandish thought that people in a subconscious manner may use the odor of the opposite sex partner to forge a closer relationship. Catching on this are some enterprising individuals in the USA and India who organize get-togethers that help people select partners based on scent. These parties are not the same as normal parties which introduce people for friendship and marriage.

I attended one such party which includes the woman’s sweatshirt or T-shirt being put in a plastic bag and given to the prospective men. The men sniff the sweatshirt from a number of them on a table and choose which one they prefer.

In case any man likes the odor emanating from a particular T-shirt he’ll inform the organizer of the party. The next involves the man’s photo with a short being projected on a screen. Now it is up to the girl to accept him as a date. I smelled a specific sweatshirt and enjoyed the smell and signaled my approval. I was thrilled when I was introduced to the woman who was from Assam that the’Far East’ of India. Whatever the scientific basis of the the simple fact is that these get-togethers take love to a volatile level. It’s like going back to the primal age.

Research studies have shown that the reaction of women and men can be dictated by a set of immune response genes. The human nose is able to pick up this incredibly small chemical signal. I will, however, concede that though the scent is a powerful aphrodisiac, yet to rely only on scent is not the end all and be all of life. It’s just another part of the diverse expertise in life.

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